Case Studies

Company: B&L Coaches

Sector: Minibus hire, Executive Travel, School Service

Fleet Size: 70

Vehicle Tracking Requirement:

  • Live-Tracking Purposes
  • Weekly Timesheets
  • Simple but effective system to use and navigate

What did it do for your business?

  • Fuel bill was reduced through cutting out private mileage
  • Able to get to jobs/customers quicker due to nearest vehicle locator within the system
  • Evident that the drivers were being more conscious on the road due to the trackers, keeping to the National speed limits

How was Business Vehicle Tracking’s service?

  • From when an order was placed the units were installed within 5 working days
  • Very professional service
  • All enquiries and questions answered quickly


Company: Greenridge Construction Ltd

Sector: Groundwork’s and Paving

Fleet Size: 7

Vehicle Tracking Requirement:

  • Cut out private mileage
  • To ensure staff were starting and finishing at the correct time
  • Improve Management of their vehicles

What did it do for your business?

  • Saved money on a lot of private mileage; one vehicle was doing over 300 private miles on average per week
  • The improved management of our vehicles have had a huge impact on the profitability of our company. The vehicle tracking system has improved the efficiency and visibility of our vehicles
  • We also had four employees either leaving or starting late on average of 1 hour per day
  • Through the combination the above factors we have estimated a saving of £30k per vehicle

How was Business Vehicle Tracking’s service?

  • The Business Vehicle Tracking product is an excellent product that clearly demonstrates its productivity. I knew we had the right solution and then saw the cost benefits even within the first day of operating the system
  • I would recommend Business Vehicle Tracking to anyone who has a fleet of vehicles and wants to see exactly what their vehicles are doing, not only from a job allocation point of view but in our case primarily for reducing our fuel and unwarranted wage expenditure


Company: Paton Development Ltd

Sector: Construction company specializing on new build and refurbishment projects

Fleet Size: 6

Vehicle Tracking Requirement:

  • Vehicle Locations
  • Mileage Records
  • Journey Reports

What did it do for your business?

  • Able to have greater control over drivers and vehicles
  • The system meant we could use the vehicles time more effectively
  • Had the ability to plan journeys for the team and it meant that we were able to cut out wasted journeys

How was Business Vehicle Tracking’s service?

  • From placing the initial inquiry to install took only 2 weeks
  • Set up automated reports which we receive on a daily and weekly basis


Company: Weston Recovery Services

Sector: 24 hour breakdown service

Fleet Size: 35

Vehicle Tracking Requirement:

  • Driver ID
  • Optimize vehicle and driver time
  • Access to an in depth but simple to use reporting suite

What did it do for your business?

  • Since we installed the tracking units I have found the system invaluable in stopping drivers taking unscheduled breaks while driving. This has created a significant increase in the efficiency of our recovery services meaning the job allocation and job turnover has increased
  • One of the other features that I use regularly is the reports which analyses the fuel consumption, this can not only point to vehicles which are not being driven cost effectively but also it can highlight potential engine faults on the vehicles
  • We have found one of the main advantages of this system is that it is a web based application. This means that I can log in from home or hotels if away on business and I can always see where my vehicles are “live”, this gives me peace of mind

How was Business Vehicle Tracking’s service?

  • We have found the Business Vehicle Tracking solution to be one of our best investments


Company: Polish Village Bakery Ltd

Sector: Bakery Products (Polish)

Fleet Size: 11

Vehicle Tracking Requirement:

  • To be able to live track all drivers and vehicles
  • Route Optimization – to check whether routes are not overlapping
  • To give customers locations of vehicles when queried
  • Save fuel

What did it do for your business?

  • Save on fuel and the system also allowed us to optimize our vehicles routes and to ensure unnecessary journeys weren’t be done
  • We were able to check on our drivers working hours and to see the amount of breaks that they were taking during the day

How was Business Vehicle Tracking’s service?

  • Very professional and are always on hand to answer questions
  • Highly recommended

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