POI Alert Report

Point of Interest (POI) Alert Report Sometimes having a journey summary isn’t enough to identify when your vehicle has visited a certain address/client/supplier/customer and the need for accurate location stamps is essential for running a business, so what businesses can benefit from using the POI Alert report?

  • Bus/Coach Companies – ring fence off all your bus stops drop off zones and departments to identify whether vehicles are arriving and departing on time, the report will then list the time the zones have been entered/exited
  • Delivery Companies – if you deliver to a customer database why not have all the properties listed on the tracking system so you can see if all deliveries have been made, this can also assist you in resolving customer disputes with a simple POI Alert report
  • Lone Workers – Ensure you know what time they have left home and arrive back so you can easily work out overtime
  • Targeting private usage – Have the vehicles home address ring fenced so you can get alerts through for when the vehicle is moved out of hours, a report can then be run to see if there has been any weekend usage

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