Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking can be used in a number of ways to better manage your business and give you more control over your vehicles, employees and fuel bills.

There can be various reasons that a company invests in a telematics system and it can help a number of people within an organisation, whether it is the end user of the tracking platform or the customer that receives your service, below are a few ways that we can improve or help your business:

Managing Director
Greater productivity & efficiency
Promotes & protects company image
Wins new business and creates a competitive edge

Financial Director
More accurate & efficient record keeping
Significant cost savings (labour, fuel, insurance etc)

Sales Director
Manage sales area boundaries
Great sales with reduced delivery times
Tracking system adds value, marketing edge
Demonstrated accountability inspires customer confidence

Fleet manager
Increased efficiency & productivity
Instantly accessible fleet information
Summary reports show good workers, or problem areas
Efficient job allocation to closest vehicle (faster response)

Customer Services
Accurate reporting on expected delivery times
Fast, responsive service results in happy customers
Proof of attendance reports
Increased security for driver and load

Sales representative
Increased security
Navigational assistance
Monitored alarm protects in-car contents

Faster, more reliable service
Accurate information on arrival times
High accountability brings peace of mind

Private car owner
Prevent theft of vehicle
Monitoring for unauthorised use of vehicle
Automated records for tax, or expense claims, regarding your mileage.