Q1) Is there a minimum contract term?

At Business Vehicle Tracking we like to put the customer in charge of choosing the best contract length therefore we can offer rolling contracts up to 3 year deals.

Q2) Can I see my vehicles when they are abroad and if so what is the cost?

Yes you can livetrack your vehicles abroad, however you will need to notify Business Vehicle Tracking that you require the sim cards International roaming charges switched on, it is billed per 1Mb of data which will roughly give you 2 weeks of standard driving, we charge the customer £10 per 1Mb. For regular International usage we can supply International sims rather than charging per 1Mb so contact us on 08444 120560 for more information.

Q3) Can I use my mobile phone to view the tracking system?

Yes, our most popular tracking platform can be viewed through a smart phone.

Q4) Where is the tracking unit installed and is it visible?

The engineer will normally remove the dashboard from the vehicle and conceal the device in a safe secure area, therefore the unit will not be visible and cannot be easily tampered with.

Q5) Will I get a discount from my Insurance Company?

Many Fleet Insurance companies do now recognise the importance of tracking devices and do offer discounts, however always check with your insurance company prior to purchasing our tracking units as cannot be held responsible if your Insurance Company don’t offer discounts.

Q6) How long does it take to get a tracking unit installed?

For a standard tracking unit it will take our fully certified engineers about 30-45 minutes per vehicle.

Q7) If I change my vehicles can the tracking unit be transferred to another vehicle?

Yes you can transfer units, we will call out an engineer and de-install and re-install the unit, however, there is a fee involved in switching the tracker unit to another vehicle.

Q8) What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System is a network of 24 satellites which are used to determine time, location, speed and heading very precisely. The system works anywhere in the world and is free to use. Signals from the satellites are very weak and therefore will not usually travel through metal or buildings etc. In most circumstances, GPS only works outdoors.

Q9) What is GPRS?

The General Packet Radio Service is a very cost effective way to send and receive data over a GSM network. You pay for data sent and received rather than time connected, which allows real time fleet management operation for a fraction of the cost of systems using SMS or circuit switched GSM data modes.

Q10) How long is the historical data stored for?

The data is stored on your login for 3 months, after this period Business Vehicle Tracking archive the data therefore you can give us a call and we can retrieve it for you.

Q11) How many people can access the system at any one time?

You can have unlimited users at all times, we can even give different users limited access to reports and other vehicles if required.

Q12) What happens if when you have new features and software updates?

At Business Vehicle Tracking we work in the cloud and can offer all our customers the latest features and reports as soon as they are ready, we don’t charge for upgrades unlike other companies, why should we? Instead we give it to our customers for free, free forever! Doesn’t that sound good?

Q13) Can I access my vehicles from any computer?

Absolutely, as our platform is web-based with your unique login you can view your vehicles through any PC.