CANbus Integration

All modern vehicles now have a CANbus computer network running through the vehicle, but what does it actually mean? In simple terms it is basically the nervous system of the vehicle; more or less everything that sends an electric pulse uses the CANbus from vehicle airbags to each electric window. By tapping into the CANbus system through the use of having a tailor made vehicle tracking platform we can relay information on every aspect of how the vehicle is being driven such as:

  • Heavy Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • High Revving
  • MPG
  • C02 Emissions

We at Business Vehicle Tracking now have a vehicle tracking unit that is CANbus compatible which means only 1 unit is required keeping the costs to a minimum and putting Business Vehicle Tracking at the forefront of providing the most cost effective and robust unit on the market.

Why choose CANbus fleet management integration?

Speaking to many of our current customers here at Business Vehicle Tracking they all feel that saving on fuel costs is probably the most important factor in deciding to go with vehicle tracking. But do people realise that driver behaviour is a massive reason for rising fuel costs. Factors such as harsh braking and excessive revving can have an impact on not only the fuel bills themselves but more frequent servicing of vehicles and the need to buy new tyres etc. Bringing in a CANbus monitoring system can help your drivers be more responsible on the road, most driving complaints such as tail gating and undertaking can easily be avoided, and these are the small things that can win or lose you customers.

The Benefits of CANbus – what we can monitor:

  • Harsh braking
  • Speed – average trip speed, time spent in speed bands
  • Excessive RPM
  • Fuel consumption
  • PTO (Power Take Off) use
  • Distance – odometer reading
  • Real-time information displayed to the driver via heads-up-display
  • C02 Emissions
  • Fuel Theft
  • Vehicle fault codes