Points Of Interest (POI’s)

Points of Interest can be inserted into the live mapping system using a feature called geofencing. Geofencing, ring fencing or location monitoring as it is sometimes known as, is a technology which enables you to insert areas over an address that allows the user to report upon. When one of your tracked fleet enters or leaves a geofence the user is alerted via the platform, email or text message.

Our system allows us to upload up to 10,000 addresses at any one time giving delivery routes and many other business related addresses and complete and accurate audit trail.

Customers, suppliers and employee home addresses can all be grouped and geo-fenced off to give Managers the necessary information to prioritise and utilize vehicle routes. 

Polygon Point of interest - Geofence                 Round Point of interest - Geofence

Another feature that has been added to the Vehicle Tracking platform and the geo-fence feature section is a polyline point of interest.

This will allow you to ring-fence off roads, bus routes, important delivery routes and any roads that you do not want your vehicles leaving, especially if they are transporting valuable goods.

A notification can then be sent to your email stating that a vehicle has gone off route, you can see by the below route how this can further develop your business and ensure that your vehicles are always where they are meant to be.