Secure Tracking

With the increase in vehicle and plant theft our secure tracking feature is here to fight against crime and to protect your vehicles and plant equipment.

Secure Tracking has many features that can assist the end user in terms of company security as well as having all the standard features that our vehicle tracking system offers. Secure Tracking offers a solution to help prevent misuse, deter theft and aid the police in the recovery process.

Standard features include:

  • 24/7 visibility of vehicles and plant/asset machinery via web based interface
  • On screen, text and email alerts for tamper/theft attempts
  • Point of interest entry and exit alerts
  • Shield breach alerting for unauthorised tow away
  • Tamper alerting if the unit is moved without the power activated
  • Power loss alerting if the unit is detached from vehicle power source
  • Alarm mode reporting – plant and equipment locations given
  • Battery back-up facility within unit
  • IP67 rated unit – waterproof casing, effective in all weather conditions
  • Remote immobilisation (additional feature)

Points of interest (POI) alerts – Sent when your plant or equipment enters or exits a pre-set geographical location such as your base or customer site location.

Shield breach alerts – Sent if the plant or equipment is moved outside of a geo-fenced area. This would be activated should the plant or equipment be towed away.

Vehicle tamper alerts – Sent if unit is being moved or vandalised with ignition off.

Power loss alerts – Sent if the tracking unit experiences loss of main power or if the main power supply to the unit is tampered with.

Battery backup – The on-board telematics unit incorporates an internal battery that provides constant visibility even if the unit is disconnected from its main power source.

Remote Immobilisation (additional feature) – Innovative technology allows remote immobilisation of plant and machinery over the air using GSM/GPRS network. This feature gives control to the operators and ensures that plant and equipment is not used in an unauthorised way. Remote immobilisation can be achieved by the operator sending a ‘lockdown’ command in the administration section of the on-line software. The receipt of this message will prevent the plant from starting. If the plant is in transit when the message is received, it will not restart once the ignition has been switched off.

The Tracker sends a daily location heartbeat, even if the plant or equipment has not been switched on.

Application Areas:

• Security & Surveillance
• Cars
• Vans
• Trucks
• Trailers
• Motorhomes
• Caravans
• Plant Machinery
• Farm Machinery
• Boats
• Quads/Motorcycles
• Generators
• Work Welfare Cabins