Tracking Devices

Business Vehicle Tracking has a unique range of vehicle, asset and machinery tracking devices that can cater for any tracking need. When you contact Business Vehicle Tracking we will consult with you to find out what it is you wish to track and how you would like it to work and then we will tailor make your package and provide you with the device that will give you the best results.

We are able to give you a level of expertise and customer support that will give you confidence that we have supplied you with the best system and unit for your business.

We can also ensure that the firmware built in to the unit is also right for you as sometimes just the standard unit may not give you the most accurate results. Certain assets or containers will need specific firmware built in order to give you accurate results when the tracking device moves and on the occasion that the power source isn’t live you will still need to see the equipment to be live tracked.

For equipment and vehicles that have exposure to the adverse weather conditions, we can then supply waterproof units that are extremely robust, they will have internal antenna’s too so you know that they can’t get damaged if exposed to rain and snow.

Get in contact to find out what solution and unit is best for you.