Speeding ReportSpeeding ReportSpeeding Report

Keep an eye on your vehicles speed and ensure that your drivers are increasing their MPG’s. Having the National Speed Limits built into the system means that you are able to monitor your vehicles speed. The report details every occurrence that the vehicle goes over the speed limit on any UK road. You can also set parameters in the report to identify speed offences over a certain percentage of the speed limit, for example set the speeding report at 20% over the speed limit and you will get a notification on every speeding offence on the following:

  • 36mph and above in a 30mph zone
  • 48mph and above in a 40mph zone
  • 72mph and above in a 60mph zone
  • 84mph and above in a 70mph zone

Email alerts can also be sent through in real time notifying the tracking platform user that vehicles are exceeding the speed limit. If your company has your logo on the side of their vehicle they are acting as an ambassador for your company therefore you do not want to see your vehicles driving excessively fast as this can damage your customer image. Speeding fines will be drastically decreased as drivers know that they are constantly being monitored and they will get in the mind set of always driving under the speed limit.

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