Within our tracking systems there are various alerts that can be enabled for when specific events occur, the alerts can be received in a number of ways with the most common being SMS or by email dependant on your preference.

The benefits of having alerts is that it can give you instant information on when an event is performed and more importantly when you are not sitting in front of a PC monitoring the tracking platform. It can give management peace of mind that they can get notifications on certain events when they are out of office giving them the freedom to continue with their daily tasks.

Security Alerts – If a vehicle has unauthorised movements text alerts can be sent to a mobile phone which can flag up the movements instantly meaning that if a vehicle is stolen you can notify the police straight away and give them every chance of recovering the vehicle.

Delivery Alerts – If you are working to strict delivery timeslots you can ring-fence off addresses and ensure that you get delivery alerts through email or SMS.

Out of Hours Alerts – Get notified if one of your vehicles is being used out of hours, many businesses do not allow private use of vehicles and require instant alerts to tell them if a vehicle is moving.

Tamper Alerts – All too often employees think that they can tamper with a tracking unit so unauthorised journeys can be driven however with a tamper alert available this means that if the unit is played around with you will know straight away.

Speeding Alerts – Rising fuel prices mean that driving under the speed limits is a fantastic way to improve your fuel consumption, speeding alerts can go straight to the driver to inform them that they are driving too fast and also Managers can monitor which drivers are repeat offenders and with instant alerts they can take action before it is too late.