Temperature Monitoring

When delivering frozen foods the goods must be kept at or below -18 degrees, it is therefore vital that you as a business owner know exactly what the temperature is at all times.

Being able to monitor and have a data trail on temperature of goods can be vital to aid you on customer/consumer disputes if there are claims for damaged items and also to prove that specific procedures/laws have been adhered to.

Temperature monitoring works alongside the standard tracking unit, all you require is an advanced install as a temperature probe has to be fed through to the back of the van/lorry to ensure that an accurate temperature reading is gathered.

Temperature alerts can also be set up so you are aware if the temperature decrease/increase in the freezer, this can be the difference in saving an entire load of frozen goods.

  • Temperature data is sent back real-time
  • Audit trail for reporting and dealing with discrepancies
  • Temperature alerts for going over/under temperature thresholds
  • Identifies problems with freezer units within a vehicle

Temperature monitoring