GPS Tracker

A GPS Tracker is state of the art technology, not only do the units give you a Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the vehicle they can now do so much more. Driver behaviour has become very important within the telematics industry as companies now want to monitor heavy acceleration/braking/cornering to understand how they can reduce accidents and improve their employee’s driver skills.

Here at Business Vehicle Tracking we have different levels of GPS trackers which are sure to meet your tracking needs.

GPS Tracker key features:

  • Record driver behaviour patterns.
  • Graphical representations of street by street reports.
  • Software updates every two minutes (this can be increased upon agreement with Business Vehicle Tracking)
  • Google and Navtec Mapping
  • 3 wire simple installs for standard units or fully integrated CANbus installations for Eco tracking
  • Driver feedback module and in-cab driver LED light bar