GPS Tracking System

A GPS Tracking System is essential for any business that has a fleet of vehicles that need to be monitored.

Here at Business Vehicle Tracking we have different levels of GPS tracking systems of which we are sure will meet your tracking needs, we can also add other features to the tracking system to ensure that your system specifically meets your requirements.

GPS Tracking Systems key features:

  • Geofence alerts – we can add up to 10,000 Points of Interest (POI) to your personal tracking system, from employee home addresses, suppliers, customers or important delivery addresses, this feature can ensure that your personal if fully personalised and can be backed up through running the POI Alert and on- site time report
  • Driver ID – We have a standard dallas key to key fob solution or the more advanced RFID solution that allows Drivers to ID in without presenting a key fob but through having a RFID reader within 2 meters of the vehicle
  • Fuel Economy Scores – Our advanced units allow the tracking system to report on MPG Reading, CO2 Emissions and Fuel economy
  • Software updates every two minutes or 90 degree turn
  • Google and Navtec Mapping