Tracking Benefits

Tracking your vehicles and assets is a key ingredient in the mix of any successful organisation. Your vehicles are often the final step for your product or service reaching the end customer; and therefore your activity is judged on your drivers productivity. The management of your vehicles can have a huge impact on the profitability of your company. The Fonix VT will improve the efficiency and visibility of your vehicles allowing for timely decisions on where you would like your vehicles and when. The Fonix VT user gets real world benefits which are visible from the first day of use. These include reduced mileage and related costs, elimination of unauthorised use and by increasing fleet efficiency, you will see more stops per day. Tracking benefits include:

  • Use timesheets to accurately record overtime.
  • Compare and analyse weekly, monthly and yearly trends to ensure maximum fleet utilisation.
  • Vehicle activity reports will enable you to monitor and reduce unapproved journeys, helping you reduce fuel costs.
  • Monitor private use of company vehicles.
  • Ensure your compliance with Working Time Directive and Corporate Manslaughter legislation with our Duty of Care reports.