Rental Terms and Conditions


This agreement is effective from the Tracker Installation date and shall remain in force for a minimum term of 3 months.


Every customer is granted 1 user license for the term of the contract period.

Payment terms

Customer agrees that the access charge is collected quarterly in advanced.


Business Vehicle Tracking is the sole owner of all hardware covered in this agreement. Customer acknowledges that ownership to the hardware in this agreement remains with Business Vehicle Tracking. If the term of the rental exceeds 12 Months then the ownership will automatically pass over to the named company / person on the sales agreement.


There is a standard 30 Day notice period. On receipt of the termination it will cancel the automated invoice and DD from processing. The termination day will be the last day of prepaid period. Business Vehicle Tracking may terminate this Agreement if deemed necessary without giving any notice. Termination should be submitted via Email to

Return Of Goods

It is the responsibility of the Customer to return the tracker(s) to Business Vehicle Tracking within 10 working days from the termination date of the agreement. Should you need an engineer to de install the tracking unit(s), Business Vehicle Tracking can supply one at a cost of £80 + Vat per tracker. If the tracking unit(s) are not received by this time, Business Vehicle Tracking reserves the right to charge the RRP (£299 + vat) for the tracking unit(s). If the tracking unit(s) are returned with any damage or missing wires, Business Vehicle Tracking reserves the right to charge to put the tracker back to its original condition.


Business Vehicle Tracking will warrant all products as long as there is a contract in place. Late / non payment voids warranty with immediate effect. Business Vehicle Tracking shall not be liable for and provides no warranty for any damage caused by the Customer or his representative or any unauthorised 3rd party through installation, use, modification or repair of the Products, nor for any accidental or other damage to the Products caused by any party or external force. Warranty is immediately void if a non representative of Business Vehicle Tracking carries out any work on the tracker.